Liebe Mitglieder,
anbei der EUFALDA Newsletter 02/2022 und das  Sitzungsprotokoll vom Mai 2022, da hier Informationen der EASA bezüglich Ausbildung und Qualifikation von Flugdienstberatern ein Thema sind.
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EUFALDA Newsletter 02/2022

Update vom 20.12.22

Dear all,
in addition to our Newsletter I would like to provide you with the latest status of Operational Control Personal.
Attached is the status as it is right now, NOV2022. There were already some changes picked up from our work in the last 2 years and updated in Air Ops.
Especially RECURRENT TRAINING is included already. However, according to our contact at EASA the Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA
Based on RMT.0392 will be out first quarter 2023 for comments. We will inform you about this.
Even if this documents already refers to ICAO DOC 10106 it is more or less a COPY and PASTE of the old DOC 7192.
The document is avbl at the EASA webpage. I highlighted the updates of NOV 2022. If you use ADOBE to read the document, you will see The highlighted parts.
Again MERRY CHRISTMAS and hopefully a better year 2023 in Europe!

Matthias Duerbeck
President EUFALDA
European Federation of Airline Dispatcher’s Associations


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